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in terms of flexibility and functional-  make 2017 a year of investment. I   other product or within a process or
                   ity. The supports for investors have   believe that beginning to apply the   to provide a specific feature, on their
                   been recently brought to a much   qualified manufacturer certificate   own. Technical textiles are expen-
                   more comprehensive point.    and supporting qualified manu-  sive products, with high added-val-
                   On the other hand, the supports of   facturers in these fields will have   ue. They offer high performance
                   our government, EXIMBANK and   positive impacts on the sector.   features such as resistance against
                   the Credit Guarantee Fund, which                           chemicals, weather conditions, mi-
                   provide great easiness for exporter,   What would you tell us, if we   cro-organisms and high endurance
                   are at the top of the support items,   asked about technical textiles,   and incombustibility.
                   which are needed by the sector,   which is a very important sub-  There are almost 150 products, in
                   exactly at the point of accessing to   ject? What would you like to say   which technical textiles are used.
                   finance. Meanwhile, the Attraction   beginning from their perception   They comprehend a very wide area,
                   Center Supports, which will be   to their production, from their   including conveyor (transporter)
                   antidote to the terror in 23 prov-  exports to their daily use?  bands, medical gloves, ballistic
                   inces, located in the East and the   Instead of its aesthetic and decora-  (bullet-proof) cloth, acoustic isolation
                   Southeast and will provide a great   tive features, the technical textile is   materials, rockets, air-bags in cars,
                   contribution to the employment of   a field, which covers the features of   anti-static textiles, artificial turf, sun-
                   hundreds of thousands of peo-  textile materials and products that   shade cloths, bandage materials,
                   ple, will also decrease the wealth   are mainly manufactured for their
                   difference between the East and the  technical performances and func-
                   West and will greatly contribute to   tional features. These products are
                                                designed specially to be used in an-

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